Dialing an Extension to a Phone Number on Your PDA

To add an extension to a phone number and have it work when synched to your PDA, you might have to try several methods to find out what works. Try in the following order and test it. I’m using Outlook 2007.

In Outlook inside one of your contacts that has an extension (or do this directly on your PDA):

  • Add a space after the number, type ext., add a space, then type the extension (e.g., 404-000-0000 ext. 22).
  • Add a space after the number, type x, then type the extension (e.g., 404-000-0000 x22).
  • Type two or three commas after the number, then type the extension without a space (e.g., 404-000-0000,,,22). The commas tell the system to pause before dialing the extension. Each comma represents a second. This is possibly the best method to use if you’re using the Windows Dialer and dialing directly from Outlook.

To test this, synch Outlook (if you didn’t make this change directly on your PDA). Click to call the contact from your PDA. Once the system answers, it’ll be interrupted and the extension will be dialed. Try each method until you find the one that works for you. I use the first and second methods with Outlook synched with my BlackBerry, and they work perfectly.