Delete Thousands of Messages Off Your BlackBerry At Once

I was standing in line the other day and struck up a conversation with a woman behind me. I lost interest in the conversation very quickly because she couldn’t keep her eyes off of her BlackBerry (another post for another day). I asked her which model she had and when she held it up, I noticed that she had close to 2,000 old messages! OMG!

Are you leaving old messages in your BlackBerry because you don’t want to delete each one, one at a time? You don’t have to. Here’s how a couple of clicks can get you to a clean slate.

I don’t try to manage my life on a phone. I do my serious email stuff when I’m back at my laptop in Outlook. I  use the BlackBerry to monitor email in case something critical comes through while I’m out and about. Once I review all messages and answer only the ones that need an immediate response (e.g., a journalist on a deadline), I delete all messages in the Inbox at once.

  1. Type t to go to the top of the message list.
  2. Select topmost date, click Menu button, Delete Prior, Delete. All messages prior to the date I selected will be deleted. Because I want all messages deleted, I selected the topmost date.

I can delete everything because my email messages are not synched with Outlook and they’ll come to my Inbox when I’m back on my laptop (if you’re not on a server, email messages can’t be synched). You can also delete one message at a time by selecting it and DEL.

It’s a good idea to also get rid of the Confirm Delete. To do this, click to open Messages, click the Menu button, scroll Options, General Options.