Create High Resolution Graphics Inside PowerPoint and Use for Printing

If you’re familiar with me and my blog, you already know that I love me some technology! I’ve written before about how I use PowerPoint to create all my graphic projects, from my customized Twitter background to my business card. I’ve even recorded a series of videos to show you how to do it. Check them out on my YouTube channel, digitalbreakthroughs.


When I use PowerPoint to create graphics that I need to have printed such as a postcard, I have to save it in a higher resolution that native PowerPoint is capable of (it’s 96dpi). But ImageExport from PPTools solves that problem. With the click of a button, I can turn a PowerPoint slide into a high resolution graphic. It came in handy to create a cover for this Computer Magic booklet, for example.

But what about when I didn’t need the entire slide? Sometimes, I just needed the graphic that’s on the slide, such as a banner or button like my registration button.

Improved! Free Trial

Announcing….ImageExport has been improved! You can now click your graphic (after grouping it as one object), hold down the Shift key before you click the Export button, and only export the graphic! No more exporting the whole slide, then cropping to what you need. I am zipping through my projects so much quicker, and that frees up some more of my time.

Thank you Steve Rindsberg at PPTools! Try the free trial today!

UPDATE: I’ve recorded a video on how to use ImageExport.


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  1. Such an interesting news.  That new graphical effect can be added in the power point, by help of this we can make more effective presentation. Really this is great blog that will inform such type of information.

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