Create a Customized YouTube Channel Background Using PowerPoint (videos)

In a recent post, I gave step-by-step instructions on how to create a customized Twitter background using PowerPoint and included links to my how to videos I made using Camtasia. If you have a YouTube channel, you can use the same methods explained in these videos to create a customized background (the skin) for it.

Resize PowerPoint Slide First, Then Design It

In the Part I video, you’ll see in Step 1 that it’s necessary to resize a PowerPoint landscape slide. For my YouTube channel, I changed the slide to Portrait and resized it to 15 inches width and 24 inches height.

To learn how to design the PowerPoint slide, watch the Twitter background videos because the same techniques apply.

Add Your Graphic to Your YouTube Channel Background

Once you’re satisfied with your PowerPoint design, sign in to your YouTube Channel account. Use the instructions in the video link below to change your background.

 Step-by-Step Videos

I’ve posted a series of step-by-step videos on all this on my YouTube channel, digitalbreakthroughs. This link will take you to a playlist that has five videos. The last video shows you how to upload your new design.

Update – Don’t Have a YouTube Channel?

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