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Peggy Duncan
Personal Productivity Expert
Charlotte NC, Traveling Internationally
(Formerly Atlanta)

404-492-8197 Eastern USA
Email:  training at   PeggyDuncan   com
SKYPE: peggyduncan

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  1. I saw this video:

    It was just right: length, practical tips, lighting.

    If you have enough YouTube videos to make a course on how to produce talking-head videos, put them in one section of your site: an entire department. But that’s if you want to give the information away.

    If you put together a course on this, using Vimeo, you could sell it for at least $97, and maybe $197.

    For about $200/year, you can put Video videos behind a subscription wall.

    If you offered Q&A forums on the site, that would be worth $97/year. That’s what I do with my site: I charge $15/month.

    If I were you, I would go through your archives and extract materials on topics. People will read old articles to get pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. But they will not click “Archives.” “Archives” means “old.”

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