I Have Finally Stopped Robocalls to My iPhone (with Nomorobo)

Image result for nomorobo logoRobocalls were getting ridiculous. They’d started calling me early in the morning. I’d block the number, but their technology just used another one. I’d looked at AT&T’s “Call Protect,” but they wanted to put all of my contacts on their servers. I didn’t want that.
Fortunately, I discovered Nomorobo. I subscribed ($19.99/year or $1.99/month), and I have not received a call since! Not one.
Nomorobo sends callers directly to voicemail (technology won’t let them just block or delete). Good news is robocall technology won’t usually leave a voicemail. (My outgoing message lets real people know I don’t check voicemail and to email me.)

From their Website, here’s how it works.

“Nomorobo uses a feature known as “Simultaneous Ring”.  When simultaneous ring is enabled, your phone will ring on more than one number at the same time. The first device to pick it up gets the call and the other phones stop ringing.So, when the Nomorobo number is enabled as a simultaneous ring number it is the first number to screen the call. If it’s a legitimate call, the call goes through to your number. If the call is an illegal robocaller, Nomorobo intercepts the call and hangs up for you. Your phone will ring once letting you know that the robocall has been answered and stopped.”
Nomorobo rocks!

A Quick and Easy Way to Add Multiple Hashtags to Instagram Post – iPhone iOS (with video)

I’m new to Instagram, and understood the importance of adding multiple hashtags to each post so they show up in searches. Hashtags are a pain to tap, and I didn’t want to have to remember them or type them every time.

This quick video shows you how I used the Text Replacement feature on my iPhone to create a set of hashtags once and use them as many times as I want. No going back and forth with cut and paste.

Tip: Initial cap each new word in the hashtag to make it easier to read.

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Leave a comment to let me know when you’ve tried this.