Creating and Editing a Movie Can Be Easy

Last summer, I was a speaker at the Phenomenal Women Speak conference in the US Virgin Islands. It was part of a PBS special for the island’s affiliate. They sent me a copy of the DVD. My plan is to pull 8-10 minutes from this and create a video for speaker bureaus.

(I know you’re thinking that I should be paying someone to do this for me, but I’m a computer nut, and instead of watching TV or going shopping, I learn stuff on my computer. I get caught up in it, and hours go by with friends and family having to remind me to eat.)

Unfortunately, the DVD was in the .vob format, and none of the software I used to convert it worked. I went to my favorite Website and looked for software that could do it ( They test software, evaluate it, and put it on their site for you to download. Some of it’s free, some not. I’ve always found exactly what I needed.

I tried various software, but nothing was giving me the quality I needed. The free software converted it, but the quality was bad (it might be that the video is an hour long). Another software converted it, but my mouth movement wasn’t keeping up with the sound.

Finally, I found what I needed. The Movavi Video Converter converted the file and kept the quality.

To create the movie, I thought I’d be able to use Microsoft’s free Movie Maker. But every time I added my video, the software crashed. I tried different scenarios to fix the problem (checking codecs) but nothing worked.

I was wasting time, so I went back to Camtasia to pull segments from the full video, add graphics, photos, music, etc. It’s by, and is probably the best software in the world for this type of project (for regular people like us). The company uses its own technology to create tutorials that are free on their Website so you’ll have no problem learning how to use it.

When I finish the project, I’ll burn the DVDs and use my artwork I talked about in a previous post to create the finished product. I’ll create a link later so you can see it. Stay tuned…

I’ve done this before and have a video segment for a time management seminar I gave for small business owners. Click the link to view.