My On-the-Go Toolkit for Working and Presenting Using iPad – Mobile Work

Since I have easy access to my files through the Dropbox app on my iPad, I wanted to travel more without my laptop. Here’s my on-the-go toolkit for working while mobile, complete with my links to each on Amazon.

Present Using iPad Adapters for Projectors

Here are the two adapters I purchased so I can use my iPad for either type of projector a conference makes available.


External microphones are a must-have if you’re going to do videos, podcasts, SKYPE, etc. The sound will be the on-board mic every time. I have 3 microphones that work with my iPhone and iPad. I have a handheld iRig mic, the smaller iRig Mic Cast, and a Movo lapel mic.

Wireless Presentation Mouse, Bluetooth
Bluetooth wireless presentation mouse SatechiI have a wireless presentation mouse, Satechi Bluetooth Smart-Pointer.

External Keyboard – Logitech K480

Logitech Bluetooth keyboard K480 for iPadI’m a power typist, and when I’m using apps such as Word or PowerPoint on my iPad, I need a bigger keyboard with shortcuts I’m used to. Here’s the external keyboard I chose. It’s the Logitech K480. You set the dial to tell the keyboard which gadget you’re typing on (iPad or iPhone, for example), or if you’re using it on a computer.

Mobile Charger

Mobile charger for iPadTo avoid being without any way to charge my gadgets, this mobile charger is a must-have. This one is more compact than my older one.

Car Charger

For long trips in the car, it just makes sense to add a car charger to the list.


I use the OneNote app (free from Microsoft) to organize my notes. Its Draw command allows you to handwrite/draw on a page. I like the feel of this stylus.

Screen Cleaner

After so much tapping and swiping, the screen on your gadget or computer can get rather cloudy. This cleaner pad fits right on your hand and wipes the surface to clear.

Put Your iPad to Work at Work

Contact me directly to schedule a SKYPE session, Webinar, conference seminar, or a hands-on workshop. The focus of the training is improving your personal productivity while on the go.

Put the iPad to Work

  • Explore important Settings you have unfortunately ignored.
  • Organize an on-the-go toolkit of must-have apps and iStuff built for mobile productivity.
  • Capture and organize notes and photos, file everything, and find it quickly when you need it.
  • Create and edit documents using tap and flick shortcuts and Office apps you’re already used to.
  • Sync the Safari browser and navigate with ease.
  • And so much more!

Whether you want individual, customized training via SKYPE (or in person), a Webinar, a conference seminar, or a hands-on workshop, contact me directly to get started.

Let me know in comments if you have anything to add to this list. I’m a sucker for gadgets and gizmos that boost productivity.



How to Add a Web Page to Your iPad or iPhone Home Screen

shareiconpiadIt’s easy to add Websites you visit often to your device Home Screen.

  1. Open the Web page using the Safari browser.
  2. Tap the Share icon, then tap Add to Home Screen.
  3. Tap inside the title box, and rename the link if desired.
  4. Tap ADD.

I needed a very long URL with /s that was too difficult to type in the browser bar (it’s also a link that wouldn’t have shown up if I’d Googled it). I copied the link and emailed it to my iCloud email address (or whatever email account you’ve set up on your device). When the email came in (on the iPad), I tapped the link to open it in Safari. Then added to Home Screen as outlined above.?

Any tips to share? Please leave a comment.



How to Call and Text from the iPad for Free and Almost Free – SKYPE and Google Voice

Google Voice ConnectMy new iPad is AT&T 4G LTE enabled. But to be able to text or call using it, I’d have to pay for an extra AT&T plan. Ha! Here’s what I do instead of adding another bill to my budget.

With my SKYPE app for the iPad, I can call any land line I want to in the US or Canada for almost FREE, and the sound is crystal clear. I pay $8.52 every 3 months so I can call land lines. Or if they’re on SKYPE, I can call their SKYPE handle as usual.

For texting, I use the Google Voice Connect app, and can text for FREE.

If you’ve discovered other solutions, let me know in comments.



Capture Raving Fans on Video While They're Hyped (with video)

I make my living as an international conference speaker. I just edited this video and posted to YouTube. I combined some photos and videos and edited them using Camtasia software. I used my iPhone and iRig mic to create all photos and videos. I used PowerPoint to create intro and exit slides, including the last two with the animation.

I’ll send a link to my client, potential clients in a similar industry, and seminar attendees. The last time I did this, within hours, I’d booked multiple speaking gigs.

Stay tuned for information on a bootcamp I’m putting together for people who want to learn how to do all this as a slick marketing tool. Join my private email list and be the first to know.

How to Set Up a Teleprompter for Videos Using Equipment You Already Have (with video)

Most of my videos are screen recordings that show tips and tricks in software. But recently, I’ve started getting in front of the camera. I’ve wanted to use a teleprompter, but didn’t have an iPad and didn’t want to spend any money buying a traditional one. Here’s what I came up with.

First, I wrote my script. The key to writing a script for the teleprompter is to write exactly the way you talk. Then practice, practice, practice until you don’t sound like you’re reading.

Second, I composed the text in Notepad, saved it, and pasted it on when I’m ready. This is a free online teleprompter service.

Third, I put my laptop behind my camera, just above it. This way, I can see the scrolling text on my laptop, and it looks as if I’m looking right into the camera’s eye.

Finally, I had to figure out a way to control the laptop when it’s not in front of me (e.g., to start the cueprompter, start and stop the video recorder for my webcam, etc.). My Logitech Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad is the perfect solution.

So I’m all set, and here’s the video on this setup. 


Are you using a teleprompter? If so, what’s your setup?



How to Save on Your Data Plan When Tethering the iPhone and Using as a Modem

On a recent trip to see Mom, I didn’t have fast Internet access. The first two days, I used NetZero dial-up and wanted to cry. To maintain my sanity and good nature, I called AT&T customer service (611 on my iPhone) and added tethering to my plan (using my iPhone as a modem over Bluetooth, WiFi, or via a USB cable).

Tethering will cost me another $20.00 a month…total rip-off! I have a 2GB data plan, and the tethering capability is a built-in feature in my iPhone. It shouldn’t matter how I use my data, tethering or not (according to, the FCC is examining this issue).

To activate this Personal Hotspot on my iPhone, I went into Settings, General, Network, Personal Hotspot). I was immediately cruising at a very decent speed. I didn’t want to go over my monthly data limit before heading back home three weeks later (another 1GB of additional data would cost me another $10.00!). Here’s what I did to make sure I didn’t.

  • Downloaded  free Onavo app. Named a “money-saving, must-have app for EVERY iPhone data user” by TechCrunch, Onavo for iPhone/iPad is free and simple to use. It runs in the background, reporting data usage and compressing downloaded traffic. Once installed, you can continue to use your iPhone/iPad just as before.

    UPDATE: For some reason, the Onavo app has recently caused my Personal Hotspot option to disappear. I had to delete the app in iTunes and restore the iPhone. I’d never done this before so I called Apple to walk me through it. Note: On some phones, you may be able to just delete the app and restart to get the Hotspot back.

  • Checked in with AT&T. Although AT&T sent me text updates on my data usage, I also dialed *3282# to see with my own eyes in a text message where I stood.
  • Avoided downloading anything. I waited until I was in a café on my laptop with WiFi before downloading anything (most of the time).
  • Monitored number of streaming videos. I love YouTube, and anytime I need to learn how to do something, I go there first. I also use Netflix a lot, especially when I’m somewhere waiting. I watched a few videos, but kept track of my data usage to make sure I wasn’t hogging all of it.
  • Unplugged iPhone from laptop when not using. The hotspot feature goes to sleep when nothing’s connected (you can leave the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot command turned on).
  • Blocked automatic download of large messages in Outlook. If a message is over a certain size, you can block it. You’ll see just enough of the message to determine if you want to finish downloading it or not. I always waited until I was back on regular WiFi and off my Personal Hotspot before a complete download. (To set this up in Outlook 2007: Ctrl+Alt+S and Edit, All Accounts. Under Folder Options, tick the Download only headers for items larger than box, and choose the size you want. I’m doing 50 KB.)

I’m back home now, and I was able to maintain my connection to the world, enjoy as many videos as I wanted (almost), and stay on top of email with data to spare.

IMPORTANT: When I travel outside the US, I’ll purchase some type of temporary service and gadget in whatever country I’m visiting.

If you’ve found other ways to save on your data plan, please leave a comment.


Record Better Sound with the iRig Mic for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

If you’re not satisfied with the sound quality when you record videos with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, get the iRig microphone. In the video below, I’ll show you the difference in the sound quality when the mic is used. It has three settings that will change how the sound is picked up in various situations.

  • Low intensity setting will capture all the sounds around you.
  • Medium intensity setting cuts out the noise around you and is ideal for busy tradeshow interviews, podcasting, and other similar work. This is the setting I use.
  • High intensity setting cuts down the background noise, but records loud.

I want to use my iRig mic with other gadgets other than the iPhone or iPad (if I had one). I found an adapter that works. It turns the iPhone connector into a standard mic plug. K-AD-IMIC (iPhone iMic to standard mic plug Adapter, 3.5mm TRS Male to 3.5mm TRRS 4 conductor Female).

I also want to use my other microphones with the iPhone so I purchased the adapter, KM-IPHONE-MIC (iPhone 1/8 inch microphone adapter – 3.5mm 4 conductor TRRS Male to 3.5mm Microphone Input Jack).



My Square – Swiping Credit Cards Using my iPhone

It’s incredible how brains and money can merge and inventions that keep getting more amazing come onto the scene. I LOVE my Square. I slide it into the headphone jack of my iPhone and swipe credit cards right there on the spot.

  • No monthly fees, no hidden charges, no commitment.
  • The Square unit is free.
  • Payment on each sale is only 2.75 percent.
  • Customer signature created with their finger.
  • Receipts can be emailed right from the sale.
  • Available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

I was at a conference book signing today. When people appreciate the information I share, they want to continue their learning.

Most of the people who bought from me with a credit card bought more than one book, often purchasing a set of four. If your customers or clients carry little cash and you don’t want an expensive credit card machine, is it!

Get it. Try it. Thank me later.