Streaming Sound from a TV to Your Gadget with the Tunity App

Have you been at the airport too far away from the TV to hear it? Or have you wanted to watch somethinTunity app streams audio to your device from digital TV networksg on TV while others are sleeping or studying? The Tunity app offers a solution by streaming audio to your device, and at this writing, it’s free.

To get started, you simply hold your device in front of the TV and tap to run a scan (of a live show). Within seconds, the audio from the TV streams to your device. If the sound isn’t synced, the app offers a way to adjust it. The scanning doesn’t work with all cable networks, and antenna TV apparently doesn’t work.

Here is a how-to video on YouTube that’ll show you how it works.

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Now I Can Charge My iPhone in the Car Without Its Cable – Retractable Cable Built Into Charger

I was out recently and had to use GPS unexpectedly. You know how that drains the power in the iPhone. I had my car charger, but I didn’t have the iPhone cable.

I went shopping. I didn’t know if what I needed existed, but, of course, someone had solved the problem with this tangle-free lighting retractable cable with USB car charger.

iPhone car charger with built-in cable This little gadget is the answer I was looking for. The cable is built-in, and it retracts with the push of a button. It also has a USB port so I can charge two devices at once.

This is small and compact enough so I keep it in my backpack/purse. The quality feels good, so I hope it’ll last.

I love gadgets that simplify my life. Now I won’t have to worry about being caught without my cable because it’ll be right where I need it.

Check it out on Amazon.



Bluetooth Speaker for the Bathroom, Pool, and other Wet Activities

When Mom does her morning routine in the bathroom, she wants to listen to the radio. She was turning the radio in the living room up loud, and the sound wasn’t good (old radio = terrible sound).


Bluetooth speaker for the bathroomMy brother bought this waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker, Aqua Sound, to use with an old iPhone. It’s in her bathroom. Great sound. It has a suction cup to affix to the tub or sink. $5.00 at some kind of 5 and Under store.


Here it is on Amazon.


  • Compatible with any Bluetooth capable player, phone or tablet.
  • Skip songs and forward/back/pause/play right from the water resistant speakers.
  • Answer calls right on it and hold a conversation through the built in microphone.
  • Features a suction cup for easy attachment to wall or any flat surface.
  • Great for showers, baths, swimming pools, boats, marine. IPX4 Waterproof.

He just bought me one. I’ll use it in my car because my speaker system is pitiful (old car = old system). When I’m listening to music, I can push to next or previous song. I can also answer my phone if I want to. $5!



VIDEO: How to Find and Install Fonts to Your PC – Windows 10/8/7

I wanted to add a lot more creative fonts to my computer. has it all. In this video, I’ll show you how to search, download, relocate to a folder outside of your default Downloads folders, extract all files, and finally, install.

If Used, Embed

If you use these installed fonts in a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, etc., be sure to embed them when you save. This is especially important if you’re sharing a document or you’re presenting on a different computer and those fonts aren’t installed. When you save your file, be sure to tick the box to Embed fonts (this video shows you how).

NOTE: If you create a template to base future documents on, click to embed fonts in it so you don’t have to remember to do this every time.

Here is a cool Website I found that allows you to type a word or phrase in a text box to see what it’ll look like in all the fonts on your computer.

Wikipedia Font List

In addition to seeing how fonts on your computer look inside your Office document, you can see them on this Wikipedia list.


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Video: How to Sign a PDF Without Printing It: Create a Custom Stamp with Your Signature in Adobe Acrobat and Foxit Phantom PDF

You don’t have to print a document just to sign it. When I receive a contract from a client, it’s usually a PDF. I created a Custom Stamp in Adobe Acrobat that’s an image of my actual signature. With a couple of clicks, I pop it onto the document and email it right back.

I’ve explained the entire process in the video below. Take a few minutes to set this up, and start saving time, paper, and ink.

  1. Write your signature on white paper.
  2. Scan (or photograph in good lighting) the signature, and save in the .PNG format (for best quality). Crop as needed.
  3. BONUS: Insert the image into PowerPoint (or Word), crop more if needed, make the background transparent, and save the new transparent image.
  4. Create the Custom Stamp in Adobe Acrobat.
  5. BONUS: Use an Adobe Acrobat competitor, Foxit Phantom PDF, to do this (the app I currently use).

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Video: Shortcut for Switching Your Sound Source (Audio Output) from the Windows 10 Taskbar

For sound, I have the option of using a headset, earphone, desktop speakers, and a dual monitor with sound. I switch back and forth depending on what I’m doing. In older versions of Windows, I’d right-click the sound icon on the taskbar, go to sound options, and make the desired device the default.

I stumbled on this shortcut recently, and use it every day.


Here’s a real quick video to show you how to quickly change your audio output in Windows 10.

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Google Voice: (Video) How to Find Legacy Version on Desktop (Old Version, Previous Version)

If you can’t get used to the latest experience in Google Voice, you can go back to the legacy version.

In a previous (and popular video), I showed how to block anonymous  (UNKNOWN) callers on Google Voice. When the site was updated, I didn’t see a way to do this in Settings. The video below shows you how to get back to the legacy version of Google Voice on your desktop.

At this writing, the new version eventually comes back so you’ll have to do a repeat.

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How to Add a Webpage to Your iPad Home Screen (with video)

“It will cost you $0.00 to share this video on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. It’s also free to give it a thumbs-up on YouTube. Thank you.” – Peggy Duncan

My how-to video shows you how easy it is to add a link to a Webpage to the Home Screen of your iPad (or iPhone). For example, I’ve added links to the following:

  • All of my Websites so I don’t have to go to Safari first to get to them. They’re together inside a group.
  • A YouTube playlist I’d created on hula hooping (I’m learning how and love it).
  • My local library Website.

NOTE: In the video instructions, if you don’t see “Add to Home Screen” right away, tap the and/or look for “Open in Browser” and continue with the instructions. I had to do this when adding the icon link to my Pulse page.


This is an easy thing to do, and will save you time going forward.