Capture Video Testimonials Live and Use Them to Promote Your Business (includes video sample)

This is a video I just edited. I recorded some video testimonials from attendees at a recent speaking engagement. I’ll send a link to this video to potential clients. So much you can do with video, and I hope it’s in your plan to use it to promote your business or cause.

I used my iPhone and iRig mic to record the video. Recordings were made on the expo floor, but the mic blocked the noise. The intro and closing slides were created in PowerPoint and saved as high resolution pngs using the ImageExport software.  The snazzy photo treatment was done using I edited the video and pulled all the pieces together using Camtasia 8.

I learn something new with every video project. I need to pay more attention to how people hold the mic for better sound. And I need to try different settings on the mic to fit different situations. But, overall, I’m pleased with the final product.

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