Avoid Conflicted Copies of Documents When Saving on Dropbox and iPad

My heart dropped when I thought I’d lost my latest changes to a Word document. All my tedious changes gone! I’d worked on this document using the Office Word app, but I’d also worked it on my computer. Here’s what I found out.

On the iPad, if you access your documents from Dropbox, use caution. When you open a document from different places and save it, or if two people change the same file at the same time, Dropbox won’t merge the changes. Instead, it’ll save the original file as well as a second version with the same name but is appended with “conflicted copy,” the name of the person or computer responsible, and the date the conflict occurred.

If this happens, go to your full Dropbox file structure to find the conflicted copy saved wherever you saved the original. You’ll need to open both copies and decide which one you want to keep.

What I’d Done Wrong

An app is not completely closed on the iPad until you do this.

  1. Double tap the Home button on the iPad, swipe right to find the open document on the app switcher (thumbnails of all the open apps).
  2. Find the app you want to completely close, and flick it up and off the iPad with one finger.
  3. Do this every time you finish working with the document on your iPad.

All is well, and I finished the work without losing anything. Whew!

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