Are You Backing Up Your Blog? I Sure Am.

I’m very meticulous about backing up my files, especially since I work exclusively from a laptop, and I travel a lot speaking and training…love it!

I’ve written about Carbonite in previous posts. This service is an online vault that automatically backs up my computer files online every day as they change on my laptop. I’m especially keen on Carbonite because they keep my files organized as they are on my computer. In another post, I explained how, what, and when to back up.

Update: I’ve switched from Carbonite to MozyPro because they also back up my external hard drive and have 24/7/365 support.

But what about my blog? I’d found ways to back it up, but they all required that I do something. I want automation and peace of mind.

The service I saw the most buzz about was At this writing, it’s in beta and no one is sure how much it’ll cost later (latest word is that it’ll be $20 every 3 months…that’s a lot when you consider how inexpensive Carbonite is to back up my entire computer — $50 a year).

Then I found and signed up right away. I have a basic account of 50MB for FREE. It automatically backs up SUITE Minute every day.

Don’t lose all your hard work. Stop right now and set all this up.

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Peggy Duncan, personal productivity expert

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