Are the ribbons in Office 2007 slowing you down? Get the menus back

I haven’t upgraded to the 2007 version of the Microsoft(R) Office Suite and don’t plan to anytime soon. (I will when I start getting training requests for it…hasn’t happened yet, and I’m glad.)

If you’re using the 2007 version, the new design could be slowing you down. It’s a brand new look and will take some getting used to. Change is hard and we usually adapt. But in this case, you might prefer the organized order of the menus and will want to go back to them.

You Can Bring the Menus Back

You can bring back traditional menus with some very inexpensive software (that Microsoft also recommends). You’ll still have to learn where the commands moved to, but at least it’s a more organized visual.


  1. I love the new ribbon! Yes, the whole look of the thing does take a short time getting used to, but for every function you desire to perform, the tool is right there in front of you.

    Now, if only Microsoft would do the same to make its Windows operating system easier to work with! I have upgraded to Vista and the “[expletive] Microsoft!” has not gone away.

  2. Hey Peggy

    What a great post on something I really wanted to change in Office 2007. I am going to download the trial copy and test it out for myself. I will be sure to pass this post along and add it to my Facebook.

    Thanks again

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