Add Videos to Your Site and Display Miniatures Using YouTube or a Vidget

Big news sites display their videos with miniatures around it which will entice you to stay on their site longer (and see more ads). You can do this too using free tools. There are two technologies I use: the YouTube Video Bar and a vidget created at I’ve written about Viddler’s vidget in a previous post.

UPDATE: YouTube discontinued the Video Bar. They’ve promised something better. I’ll create a blog post when that happens.

YouTube Video Bar

If you have a video channel on YouTube, you can display some of your videos on your site like this using a little-known feature

Note: Don’t click. These are screen captures…not live videos.

To make this wizard work and display your videos, refer to the second graphic (the Video Bar Wizard). Untick all the video feed boxes and replace the default video channel name with your channel name. Copy and paste the resulting code on your site in between body tags anywhere before:


(If you don’t have your own channel, type the Search Expressions to display topics you’re interested in.)

If you want more customization, you’ll have to adjust the code behind it. And if you’re like me and computer code makes you dizzy, my next post will show you how to create a similar TV channel without programming.

UPDATE: I’ve written a booklet on creating a YouTube channel, A Complete Guide: Create, Build, and Manage a YouTube Channel. See a full description with table of contents here.



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