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PLAYLISTS – How to Reorder Videos in a YouTube Playlist and Choose a Thumbnail (with video)

In this video, I’m assuming you’ve already created some playlists on YouTube, grouping similar videos. Once you add videos to a playlist, you can always change the order in which they play.

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How to Use YouTube’s InVideo Programming Feature to Display a Video Link Across All Videos

With YouTube’s feature, InVideo Programming, you can drive viewership to a specific video and also reinforce channel branding across all your videos. For example, toward the end of all my videos, a thumbnail of another video appears with a link to it. I set this up once, and it happens across all videos. I also have the option of adding my company or channel logo across all videos.

Here’s how to set it and forget it…until you want to highlight something different.

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How to Create, Add To, Delete From, and Rearrange YouTube Playlists (with video)

For better organization of your YouTube videos and to improve your viewers’ experience, use playlists to group similar ones. From the YouTube Playbook, “You can create playlists using your own content, other channels’ videos, or a combination of both. Playlists can be used as an organizational tool and creators can create playlists as a linear viewing experience for their audience. Playlists can be featured on your channel, linked-to via annotations, and appear in search results and suggested videos.

Playlists should be an essential part of your channel strategy to increase watch-time and develop a programmed experience for your viewer.”

Here’s how to work with playlists on YouTube.

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