How to Make All Outlook 2010 Emails Come Into One (Your Main) Inbox (video)

By Default, Outlook 2010 is set up to create separate Inboxes for each of your email accounts. The question of how to fix this comes up a lot in my training sessions, so I created this video that I hope will ease your frustrations and save you some time…every second needs to count.

The first part of the video shows you what to do if you’ve already created the email account in Outlook (instructions only work for POP email accounts, not IMAP). At the end of the video, I show you how to set up the email account the way you want it in the first place. If you don’t see the Change Folder option as indicated in the video, see the note below.

NOTE: Instructions don’t work for IMAP accounts. This might be an issue for you if you need to synchronize email across multiple machines. Also note that if you try to use a rule to move the email to a .pst folder, you’ll be removing it from IMAP.

The Easiest Way I Have Found to Quickly Delete Lots of Facebook Friends (video)

When I first joined Facebook, I accepted way too many “friends” on my personal page. I didn’t know the people! All that’s changed, and on my personal page, I now only accept people I actually know. Everyone else should connect with me on my business page, DigitalBreakthroughs.

Once I changed my policy, I wanted to rid my page of all the people I didn’t know, but Facebook (at this writing) does not make it easy. I tried various ways to do this as quickly as possible, and this video demos what I ended up with. I hope it helps.

If you’ve found a better, faster way, please leave a comment below.



Get Rid of Paragraph Marks After Pasting Text in a Word Document (video)

When you copy and paste text from a PDF or some other technology into a Word document, you sometimes end up with way too many paragraphs…at the end of every line of text. This video shows you a quick way to clean that up instead of deleting the paragraph marks line by line.

This is one of those things I take for granted that everybody knows. Then I saw someone deleting these paragraph marks one line at a time. If you find yourself inside a Microsoft Office document and wondering if there’s a better way to get something done, there probably is.

Here’s a much quicker way to clean up your document.




Do-It-Yourself Photo Shoot Begins with Video

Have you wanted great action shots and took a ton of photos and still didn’t get exactly what you wanted? Try video instead, and set up a do-it-yourself photo shoot. With my iPhone and tripod, I was set. I looked at frames from the video and created high res photos. With frames, you can capture just the right move.

The first time I created the video, I opened the video in RealPlayer, and clicked Trim. I clicked on each frame using the right arrow key on my keyboard. When I saw something I liked, I held my mouse over the video, and clicked Save Picture. However, I didn’t like the quality of the pictures, so instead of saving the pictures in RealPlayer, I did regular screen captures. I inserted the pictures onto a PowerPoint slide, cropped them, and created high res output using ImageExport (I have a video series here with more information.

After I had all the pictures I wanted, I uploaded them to to snazzy up the photos and turn them into a video (I paid $6 to download that video as high res). Then I opened the MP4 video in Sony Vegas Studio 11 to trim off the Animoto logo at the end and add my Subscribe video at the end. After that, I rendered to the MP4, HD video format.

After I uploaded the video to YouTube, I created a spotlight annotation on the Subscribe button that links to my YouTube Subscribe page. This was fun!