Will Productivity in the Workplace Take a Dip as a Result of the London 2012 Olympic Games? It Depends.

Productivity in the workplace during the Olympics 2012Productivity in the workplace is expected to take a dip during the next two weeks, but some employees will handle it better than others.

Sporting News recently reported that heavy sports enthusiasts spend on average over 31 hours a week following sports. These same people will probably completely shut down the next two weeks to follow the Olympics. Others will do what needs to be done…it all depends on the type of worker they normally are.

Slackers will use this as an excuse to do less work. If they’re wasting time instead of working now, they’ll just do more of it these few weeks.

On the other hand, conscientious employees will continue to meet goals, beat deadlines, and service the customer.

If you’re the boss and are going to require less of them during this craze, you should have required more from them before it heated up.


Peggy Duncan Nominated for Small Business Influencer Award – Vote Here

I’m excited to announce that Ileane Smith of BasicBlogTips.com nominated me as an Expert for the Small Business Influencer Award! I need your vote! One click, and you’re done. No registration and turning over your email address. You can vote once every 24 hours per IP address.

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UPDATE: I won! Small Business Influencer Champion 2012.

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Capture Raving Fans on Video While They're Hyped (with video)

I make my living as an international conference speaker. I just edited this video and posted to YouTube. I combined some photos and videos and edited them using Camtasia software. I used my iPhone and iRig mic to create all photos and videos. I used PowerPoint to create intro and exit slides, including the last two with the animation.

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