Video: How to Create Shipping or Mailing Labels in Word and Add a Logo

I don’t think I’ve ever sent shipping labels to an outside printer. I’ve always created what I need in Word. Here’s a video I recorded that’ll show you how to do this.

If you want to add your company logo to the label, I’ll first show you how to add it to AutoText. Next, I’ll show you how to create the label. And finally, I’ll show you how to create what you’ll need to apply to a package.

This is not a video on how to do a mail merge. It’s on creating softcopy shipping labels that you can then print and apply to packages.


Leave a comment if you have any questions.


How to Tell If You've Replied to or Forwarded a Message in Outlook

Sometimes you can get so busy you’ll forget whether you’ve already replied to or forwarded an email message. If you use Outlook, the icon to the left of the message is your indicator.


Look at the little envelope icons to the left of the message, and:

  • A purple,  left-pointing arrow on the envelope means you replied to the message.
  • A blue, right-pointing arrow on the envelope means you forwarded the message.
  • A closed envelope means you either didn’t open it or you clicked it and read it in the Reading Pane.
  • An open envelope means you double-clicked the message and opened it.

No more checking the Sent folder.



How to Add a Logo or Picture to Your Outlook 2007 Signature

For an older post with instructions for Outlook 2003, click here.

Your Outlook signature is a great place to promote your business or cause by adding a graphic, logo, etc. In Outlook 2007, it’s a lot simpler to do this.

1. From the Inbox view, click the Tools menu, Options, Mail Format tab, Signatures.
2. Choose the signature you want to work with. When it appears in the notes area, click inside where you want to add the picture, click the Picture icon, find the desired graphic, and double-click to insert.
3. Select the picture, click the hyperlink icon (the chain next to Picture), and add a hyperlink to your Website, etc. (basic instructions on adding a hyperlink to a graphic are in this previous post – with video).
4. Click OK, OK.

So go ahead and add this quick, easy way to shamelessly promote what you’re doing. If you want to dig deeper and learn more about Outlook , I’ve written a book, Conquer Email Overload with Better Habits, Etiquette, and Outlook 2007.


How to Embed a Video into Slideshare Presentations is an integral part of my SEO (search engine optimization) arsenal. My PowerPoint slides that I upload to this site are indexed extremely well by the major search engines. I’ve known for awhile that I could insert videos into my Slideshare presentations, but I hadn’t tried it. I’ve recorded this video that shows you how.

And, by the way, an account at is free.

Video: Click Play on the Slideshow Player

You’ll see where I had a time trying to figure out the URL I’d need from YouTube for the video I wanted to embed. The Share link didn’t work. To get the correct URL, right-click anywhere on the video in, and click Copy video URL. It’ll look like this when you paste it:

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Update: Lavada Thompson of Gems-Shine Consulting suggested I add a border around this video. Not only did she make the suggestion, she sent me the corrected code. Thanks, Lavada!


ImageExport (by PPTools) – How to Export PowerPoint Slides and Images in High Resolution (with video demos)

ImageExport is a PowerPoint add-in that makes it possible to export PowerPoint slides, and now separate images, in high resolution. I’ve written about this add-in in several previous posts, but I’d never shown you how to use it…until now.

From their Website: “PowerPoint itself can export your slides to several graphics formats, but it doesn’t let you control the size of the images, the range of slides to be exported, the way the images are named or … really much of anything. And the text quality is often very poor.”

I’ve been using this software for years, and it’s just been updated to also allow me to export images (instead of exporting the entire slide, then cropping down to the image). Major time saver for me!

I’ve recorded three videos that show you how to use ImageExport with PowerPoint. All total, they’re about 10 minutes.

  • Part 1. Gives you various examples of how I use the software.
  • Part 2. Demos how to export an entire slide.
  • Part 3. Demos how to export an image that’s on a slide.

Download the free trial of ImageExport and put this powerful, affordable PowerPoint add-in to work. It’s only $29.95!