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What do you want to have more time to do? Getting organized will help. Save one to two hours a day just by clearing clutter from your desk, mind, computer, and Inbox. Then set up systems so you can find anything the instant you need it. This is not hard…you just have to take time to do it. And unlike dieting or exercising, the results are immediate!

I’m presenting a series of FREE seminars around Atlanta, and will travel to you too.

January 21st – FREE

Free brown bag at The Digital Breakthroughs Institute with Pencilworx Design Group, 1718 Peachtree Street, Suite 470, Atlanta GA 30309, 12:30-2:00PM. Registration is online only at

January 20th – FREE

DeKalb County’s Contract Compliance Division will host this free brown bag at the Maloof Auditorium, 12:30-2:00PM. Registration is online only at

Host Your Own – Anytime

If you’d like to host an event for a minimum of 35 attendees, call 404-492-8197.

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If your company has a product related to getting organized and increasing personal productivity, please contact us about offering door prizes. Call 404-492-8197.


My Organized Desktop – I Hate Paper and Love Technology

A reporter asked me to describe my home office and wanted to know what type of gadgets I use the most. I took this photo and added explanations.

I use dual monitors, the DYMO LabelWriter to print my own postage, and I have a printer that I rarely use because I hate paper. No land line. Not shown is my card scanner (on a tray under my desk). I scan all relevant business cards and trash the paper.

I use some other gadgets when I’m mobile and will show those later.

Click the photo to enlarge.

UPDATE: Someone just asked how I did this graphic. I took the photo with my iPhone and emailed it to myself. I saved it on my computer and inserted it into a PowerPoint slide as a picture with a blue shape behind it. Then I used callouts (located in Shapes) to create the explanations. After that, I grouped everything as one piece, including the blue shape. Then I right-clicked on the image and saved it as a picture. Easy. If you’d like Advanced PowerPoint training, check out my hands-on classes in Atlanta (most Thursdays).