Peggy Duncan On the Air – Georgia Public Broadcasting, At Work

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Peggy Duncan will guest co-host At Work, a radio show on Georgia Public Broadcasting. Here are the details.

Date: September 24, 2010
Time: 3-4PM
Show: At Work

Listen to the promo. The show will center on balancing work/life, managing time well to increase productivity, and some tips on becoming web savvy.

Call with your questions: 866-723-4642

Listen to the show live:

Listen to the show later:

The Show’s blog:

Signal map. Find in your local area (Georgia), Atlanta does not have a signal but you will probably be able to hear on WABE, 88.1 FM or 90.1FM.

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Webinar – LIVE with Peggy Duncan: Do-It-Yourself SEO

Your business must get found online. When you search my expertise in Google, I’m on the first page (personal productivity expert, time management expert). How did I do this? I didn’t pay-per-click my way to the poor house doing it. In fact, I didn’t spend one red cent. I’ll teach you how in plain English.

Learn from someone who didn’t even know what SEO was. It just so happened that it is everything I was doing on the Web. It’s no top-level Google secret, it’s not magic or complicated formulas — it’s just developing ways to feed Google the content it loves.

You can do your own search engine optimization, or you can pay thousands of dollars for someone else to do it. Either way, you have to get this done. Eighty percent of people find what they need and want online. If they can’t find you based on what you do or what you sell, that’s just unacceptable.

Join me live on the Web on September 30, 2010. I’ll do two sessions: 1-3PM Eastern, and again 8-10PM Eastern. Registration is online only. Register today at

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I LOVE Email Campaign Kicks Off October 1st

Email gets a bum rap. People complain about it all the time. It’s not email that’s the problem, but rather bad email habits and management. Think about all the good it does and the time it saves.

The I LOVE EMAIL CAMPAIGN will consist of a series Webinars (on Mondays), workshops (on Tuesdays), and media interviews conducted by Peggy Duncan, email overload expert and author of Conquer Email Overload with Better Habits, Etiquette, and Outlook 2007. Peggy, who is a time management expert, will also travel around the country speaking at conferences and training business professionals.

I cannot imagine managing my time or my life without the wonders of email. How do you feel about it? I hear a lot of bum statements about it. The next time you complain about email, think about where you’d be without it. It has many benefits such as the following.

  • Eliminates phone tag. You can say everything you need to say in an email message and not have to worry about someone leaving out important details.
  • Reaches volumes of people quickly. Everyone will get the same message and be on the same page.
  • Establishes a “paper” trail. No need to worry about recipients having convenient amnesia. You have the proof in writing.
  • Connects it with your calendar, tasks, and contacts. Move a message from the Inbox to where it needs to be with a click of a button or the flick of the mouse.

Campaign Kicks Off October 1st!

Reduce the Load with Better Management
If email overload is a problem, reduce the load. Get into a meeting with your Inbox, clean it out, send people what they need, and move the messages to where they need to be.

  • Eliminate junk email so you’re only managing legitimate mail.
  • Redirect messages with rules based on content, origin, and importance.
  • Categorize messages and view them in batches with one click.
  • Remember to do the work using flags, Tasks, and the Calendar.
  • File the ones you need to keep. Clean out that mess that’s already there.
    Stop using your Inbox for long-term storage and keep it to one screen.

Your Inbox is not a to do list for unfinished work, tickler file that reminds you of work, calendar with meeting notices and reminders, database for addresses and phone numbers, or filing system for unfinished projects.

Improve Your Email Culture with Better Habits
Developing better email habits will help improve email management. Ask people around you for a list of their email pet peeves…things you do in email that ticks them off. Pay attention to what they say do better. Avoid doing the following.

  • Sending or responding to all when all do not need to know.
  • Trying to solve complex issues instead of picking up the phone.
  • Not matching the subject line to the message. I should know exactly what your message is about by looking at the subject line. Would you send a letter on your company letterhead that reads RE: ABC and then proceed to discuss DEF?
  • Sending one word email replies that say “thanks.” Thank them in advance when you send the initial request.

Don’t Just Upgrade Your Software: Learn How to Use It Too
Training is the first thing to go when the economy dips when it should be expanded. You’ll work more efficiently and make fewer mistakes. Without the proper training, you’re taking hours to do something you can finish before you blink.

Change your habits, your culture, and how you manage email and learn to love it more every day. Visit for details on training.

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How to Add the Windows Media Player to Your PowerPoint Slide

You can insert the Windows Media Player onto a slide and assign a movie to it. During your slide show, you’ll be able to adjust the movie volume, stop it, etc. (the free player must be installed on your computer).

1. Add the Developer tab to the ribbon (click the Office button, PowerPoint Options, Popular, tick Show Developer tab in the Ribbon, OK).

2. Click the Developer tab, More Controls. Scroll to and click Windows Media Player, OK, click and drag on the slide to draw it. Resize from the corners if you need to.

3. Add the movie (RIGHT-click on the player, Properties. You should be on the Alphabetic tab. Double-click (Custom), Browse to find the file, and double-click it.)

4. Close the Properties dialog box, and launch your slide show, OK.

Learn everything you’ve wondered about PowerPoint in my new book, Just Show Me Which Button to Click! in PowerPoint 2007. No fluff. Beginning to advanced in about 100 pages. In plain English.

Feed Google with Content – Create a Blog

Do you have content on your computer that’s rich with your expertise? If yes, feed it to Google. Get this information indexed by the search engines and boost your search engine rankings. With 80 percent of people finding what they need or want online, you must get found based on what you sell or what you do.

Watch my interview with John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing, on why blogs are so important.

When you’re ready, you can learn WordPress by watching free YouTube videos and spend weeks learning a little bit here and there, or you can sign up for a one-day workshop at The Digital Breakthroughs Institute (my company in Atlanta).