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In addition to my traditional books, I also sell two ebooks on my Website. Digital products are a breeze to sell, especially when you store them on a site like PayLoadz. My customers purchase the book on my Website via PayPal with any major credit card. Before they can blink, an email shows up with a link to download the file. They have immediate access to my pearls of wisdom and I don’t have to lift a finger.

I created my ebooks in Microsoft Word, saved them as PDFs, set the Security so buyers cannot edit, and uploaded them to the PayLoadz servers. The money is deposited into my PayPal account and PayLoadz gets their cut without me doing a thing. And there’s no monthly fee. If I don’t sell anything, I don’t pay anything. How much you pay PayLoadz is determined by which plan you choose…read that part carefully.

Check Payloadz out and start making money while you sleep. And here is a link to my two ebooks: Make Work Easy: Get Organized at Work and Make It Easy and Shameless Self-Promotion: Do-It-Yourself SEO.


Spend Your Time Doing Things That Matter

In a recent time management seminar I conducted, one of the attendees said she was so happy to have a BlackBerry. She said now she can sit in meetings and get her email done. I said, “Excuse me, did I hear you right? You use meetings to do email?”

I’d heard it right.

So I asked, “Why go to the meeting if you’re not engaged and respecting everyone’s time and the facilitator’s message by paying attention?” She said, “Oh, I have no interest in the meeting and don’t need to know whatever is being discussed.”

By now, I’m absolutely floored and asked, “Then why go to the meeting? You’re in this training because you want to free up more time, so please explain to me why you would bother going to a meeting, or doing anything for that matter, if it adds no value.”

Therein lies a major point. Spend your time and your money on things that add value to your life and your business. And to her response of “I’ve always gone and they expect me to,” reexamine everything you do and ask why. Then decide whether it deserves your precious time. Then do something about it.



How to Promote Your Events Using the Internet

I’m helping a client develop ways he can market an upcoming conference using the Web. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with so far.

Create a detailed Website with seminar descriptions, speaker photos, bios. Give visitors and people who want to help you promote your event something to link to. Consider creating a separate Website for the event.

Create a group blog and get all speakers to contribute articles to it. Also create an RSS feed using a site such as

Create banner buttons (called blog bling) in different sizes that every registrant, exhibitor, speaker, and volunteer can post on their Website or blog. If you create an affiliate program where members will get paid when people click their link, that’s even better.

Event TV
Create a TV channel on and have speakers contribute any appropriate videos. Also add video from previous events. In addition to having a TV channel on YouTube, my blog has one that I created at (see the SUITE TV tab above).

Press Releases
Create an online press release to announce the event. Also create separate releases to announce each speaker and sponsor. I pay a flat monthly fee ($14.00) and use to create multiple releases that include videos. A free service is Every time something new happens, send a release.

Also write a press release template so all speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors can send out on their own.

Conduct seminars via the Web with some of your speakers to give just a taste of what attendees can expert. Record everything and publish that too.

Set up a free call on demand for up to 150 people and three hours at

Create a radio show for free but please use a professional radio interviewer (free service is or

Social Media

Twitter. Create a conference Twitter account to keep everyone updated.

Also for Twitter, create a hashtag and encourage everyone to always add it to any tweets when they mention the event. For more information on hashtags, visit

To find the tweets that mention your hashtag, go to and type your tag in the search box. Put the resulting URL on your Website and blog. Also create an RSS feed using a site such as

Be sure to explain hashtags on your site and at the event. Encourage people to tweet before, during, and after the event.

CommunitiesExisting. Post your events, start discussions, and relay news on LinkedIn.

Communities-Create. Use various free services to create communities so attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors can create profiles, post articles/blog posts, and interact with each other (e.g.,, Facebook profile group (up to 5,000 people can join), Facebook page, Collectivex). You can also create your own group on LinkedIn.


Advertising – Comcast Cable. Create Comcast cable commercial and air in major markets. (Kim McClure, a former TV producer, can create your commercial if you need one (very economical). Contact her at 770/559- 2361.)

Email Campaign. Create email campaigns with tips from speakers and ads from sponsors. I use iContact for my email campaigns. And I set it up so that every blog post I write can go out via RSS. You can also create autoresponders set up to go out to your subscribers at pre-defined intervals.

I’ll update this list as I develop more ideas. Let me know if you have any other suggestions by leaving a comment below.

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I also have a seminar based on this topic, and I travel internationally.

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Social Networking Can Lead to Social Notworking

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest craze of social media and networking. But when it takes over and you start to neglect handling business, it’s a problem.

One of my clients didn’t understand why it was so hard for her to finish projects on time. She worked crazy hours but was always trying to catch up. I suggested that she maintain a time log for at least a week to track how she was spending her time.

Guess what? She quickly realized she was spending more time Twittering, Flickring, Facebooking, and Myspacing than she was working. She’d landed into the thick of all the popular social networking tools, but she became so addicted it led to social NOTworking.

If this sounds familiar and you think the same thing has happened to you, keep the time log for a few days. Make a visual of how you’re spending your time and let me know what you discover.

The social media tools can be good for business if you do it right. I hope you’ll start to balance all this.


UPDATE: Here is a study conducted by Nucleus Research on the topic of social notworking.

Peggy Duncan, personal productivity expert

Peggy Duncan, personal productivity expert

My Blog Takes Top Honors: Top Business Blog

I’m excited to announce that Bill Jula, CEO & Co-Founder of Fast Pitch!, informed me that SuiteMinute has been awarded “Top Business Blog” as part of a recent competition. A thousand businesses across nine categories participated.

The honor was based on a combination of open voting and an expert panel of judges.

Fast Pitch! is an active social network for business professionals to connect with friends, colleagues and customers and share content about their business.As one of the fastest growing social networks for business professionals, Fast Pitch! has connected millions of businesses across the world and provided a simple and intuitive way for professionals to enhance their online presence.