Cannot Remember John's Name? Four Ways to Find Him in Outlook

If you need to contact John right away but you can’t remember his name, here are four ways Outlook can help.

  • Search the Notes Area. If you made notes in the text area of John’s contact page, you can conduct a quick search to find any of the words. (Click Advanced Find (should be on your Outlook Standard toolbar. If it’s not, click the Tools menu, Find, Advanced Find. Or Ctrl+Shift+F), Advanced, Field, All Notes field, Content, Condition contains, Value=words you’re looking for.)
  • Search Various Fields. If you remember something about John such as his company name, you can search for it. Repeat the steps above, but instead of clicking More Choices, stay on the Contacts tab and explore those search options.

If these two methods turned up John’s contact, going forward do the following with your contacts.

  • Associate Contacts. You met John at Mary’s Website launch. Remembering Mary is no problem so you associate the two. On John’s contact page in Outlook, look at the bottom, left corner. Type Mary’s name where it reads Contacts. Outlook will associate the two and you’ll be able to hyperlink from one to the other (I shouldn’t have to say that Mary should also be in your Contacts).
  • Assign Categories. Now look at the bottom, right of John’s contact page. Type a Category (you’ll need to understand this feature) that John fits such as a business type, networking group, etc. Later, you can filter your contacts using that category as the criteria (from Contacts, right-click the header row (where Full Name, etc., are…separating fields the way Excel does), Customize Current View (if you don’t see Customize Current View, click Custom), Filter, More Choices, Categories=John’s category). Then it might help to see his name in a smaller sampling.


Are the ribbons in Office 2007 slowing you down? Get the menus back

I haven’t upgraded to the 2007 version of the Microsoft(R) Office Suite and don’t plan to anytime soon. (I will when I start getting training requests for it…hasn’t happened yet, and I’m glad.)

If you’re using the 2007 version, the new design could be slowing you down. It’s a brand new look and will take some getting used to. Change is hard and we usually adapt. But in this case, you might prefer the organized order of the menus and will want to go back to them.

You Can Bring the Menus Back

You can bring back traditional menus with some very inexpensive software (that Microsoft also recommends). You’ll still have to learn where the commands moved to, but at least it’s a more organized visual.