12 Fast Ways to Answer Email in Outlook (video tutorials on new membership Website)


Are you feeling overwhelmed just thinking about email? Are you finding it harder to focus and manage the never-ending demands on your attention? Are you scrolling through hundreds or thousands of unread messages all day? Are you spending too much time giving the same answers to similar questions?

The best way to handle an overflowing Inbox is to get into a meeting with it, and handle it one message at a time. For the messages that deserve an answer, you’ll finish quicker once you discover little-known, Outlook commands and a few workarounds.

Peggy Duncan, personal productivity expert and author of Conquer Email Overload with Better Habits, Etiquette, and Outlook, has pulled together her best tips for answering emails fast. She manages her life inside Outlook and shares ways she uses it that its creator probably hasn’t even thought of.

· Create good, solid answers once, and use them again and again.

· Grab information you need often, and send it before you can blink.

Investing in this video series will be the best decision you’ll make this year, and it’ll take a little over 30 minutes to change your life. The videos will play on any device, plus PC and Mac, and all browsers.

Here’s a Free Sample from the Course

You can collect text and graphics from other Office software, the Web, a PDF, and so on, store them in the Office Clipboard, and use them to quickly answer an email. This tip also works in all other Office applications.

So clear your calendar, get quiet, and learn how to breeze through your Inbox, one message at a time, by learning ways to answer them faster. And for the ultimate success, use your desktop computer to manage it and your mobile to monitor it.

A one-time investment will give you lifetime access. This way, if you forget how to do something or the technology changes, you’ll be able to come back and brush up on whatever you need. Each tip is in a separate video to make it easier if you need a refresher later…just click the one you need.

You don’t have a second to spare! Don’t waste another minute digging through your Inbox. Invest in this training because, unlike dieting or exercising, the results are immediate!

Check out the site, choose the training you can use immediately to make your life a little easier, and sign up today!


How to Use an Older USB Presentation Mouse with the iPad Using a Digital Camera Adapter

USB adapter for the iPad

USB adapter for the iPad

I’m using the PowerPoint app on my iPad, and am accessing all my presentations from the Dropbox app. I have adapters for both a VGA and digital projector. The only thing lacking was a wireless presentation mouse that would plug into the iPad lightning port.

I’d purchased the Satechi SP800 Smart-Pointer in 2012 to use with my laptop. It’d be nice if I could get it to work, but the iPad has no USB port. I found a USB adapter for the iPad, but it was for digital cameras. I love shopping on Amazon because previous buyers always offer such great tips and advice. Several of them had mentioned getting this adapter to work with more than just a digital camera. But no guarantees. Couldn’t find anyone who had used it with this wireless mouse.

I ordered it anyway. (There is a newer presenter that works with the iPad, etc., but this adapter would help me save money.)

I plugged the adapter into the iPad’s lightning port, and plugged the presenter’s dongle into this adapter. Although I got a “not supported” message, it worked! It also worked with my Samson Go-Mic, and my Logitech headset. (I have the iPad 4.)

I’m traveling lighter these days. When I’m doing a PowerPoint-only presentation, no need to take the laptop.

How to Add a Web Page to Your iPad or iPhone Home Screen

Share icon ipad iphoneIt’s easy to add Websites you visit often to your device Home Screen.

  1. Open the Web page using the Safari browser.
  2. Tap the Share icon, then tap Add to Home Screen.
  3. Tap inside the title box, and rename the link if desired.
  4. Tap ADD.

I needed a very long URL with /s that was too difficult to type in the browser bar (it’s also a link that wouldn’t have shown up if I’d Googled it). I copied the link and emailed it to my iCloud email address (or whatever email account you’ve set up on your device). When the email came in (on the iPad), I tapped the link to open it in Safari. Then added to Home Screen as outlined above.?

Any tips to share? Please leave a comment.



How to Call and Text from the iPad for Free and Almost Free – SKYPE and Google Voice

Google Voice ConnectMy new iPad is AT&T 4G LTE enabled. But to be able to text or call using it, I’d have to pay for an extra AT&T plan. Ha! Here’s what I do instead of adding another bill to my budget.

With my SKYPE app for the iPad, I can call any land line I want to in the US or Canada for almost FREE, and the sound is crystal clear. I pay $8.52 every 3 months so I can call land lines. Or if they’re on SKYPE, I can call their SKYPE handle as usual.

For texting, I use the Google Voice Connect app, and can text for FREE.

If you’ve discovered other solutions, let me know in comments.



Use PowerPoint to Redesign a Room (with videos)

I’m refreshing my front living space. I want to buy an area rug and recover the dining room chairs to match the newly-covered sofa (Surefit.com …I’m a customer). But it’s so hard to know what’s going to work, and I want to avoid doing a lot of ordering, buying, and returning.

Soooo, I’m using PowerPoint.

I have little images of my furniture and am grabbing pictures of rugs, pillows, etc., off the Web (Overstock.com …I’m a customer) using PowerPoint’s screen capture command (see how-to video below). Using actual photos gives me a much better visual when putting the room together.

This is quite interesting and fun.

When I grab the images off the Web, I’m knocking out the backgrounds in PowerPoint, including removing white space. Here’s a how-to video I recorded a while ago to show you how to remove backgrounds.

If I’ve inspired you to make your changes to your surroundings, let me know in the comments.



My Three Most-Used iPhone Tips: Undo Typing, Stop Phone from Ringing, Block a Caller

You’ve probably learned a lot of iPhone tips and tricks already. These are the three that I use the most. (I’m still on the iPhone 4.)

Undo Typing

Shake the phone to UNDO. Shake again to REDO.

iPhone Sleep/Wake buttonStop Phone from Ringing

  • Silence. Press the Sleep/Wake button once to Silence. When you silence a call, you’ll still have a chance to answer it before it goes to voicemail.
  • Decline. Press the Sleep/Wake button twice to Decline. When you decline the call, it’s sent directly to voicemail.

Block a Caller

Go to Recents (phone calls), tap the blue (i) button next to the call. Scroll all the way down on the next screen, and tap Block this Caller.

If you have a favorite tip, please leave it in a comment below.