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January 12th, 2014

12 Fast Ways to Answer Email in Outlook (video tutorials on new membership Website)

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Are you feeling overwhelmed just thinking about email? Are you finding it harder to focus and manage the never-ending demands on your attention? Are you scrolling through hundreds or thousands of unread messages all day? Are you spending too much time giving the same answers to similar questions?

The best way to handle an overflowing Inbox is to get into a meeting with it, and handle it one message at a time. For the messages that deserve an answer, you’ll finish quicker once you discover little-known, Outlook commands and a few workarounds.

Peggy Duncan, personal productivity expert and author of Conquer Email Overload with Better Habits, Etiquette, and Outlook, has pulled together her best tips for answering emails fast. She manages her life inside Outlook and shares ways she uses it that its creator probably hasn’t even thought of.

· Create good, solid answers once, and use them again and again.

· Grab information you need often, and send it before you can blink.

Investing in this video series will be the best decision you’ll make this year, and it’ll take a little over 30 minutes to change your life. The videos will play on any device, plus PC and Mac, and all browsers.

Here’s a Free Sample from the Course

You can collect text and graphics from other Office software, the Web, a PDF, and so on, store them in the Office Clipboard, and use them to quickly answer an email. This tip also works in all other Office applications.

So clear your calendar, get quiet, and learn how to breeze through your Inbox, one message at a time, by learning ways to answer them faster. And for the ultimate success, use your desktop computer to manage it and your mobile to monitor it.

A one-time investment will give you lifetime access. This way, if you forget how to do something or the technology changes, you’ll be able to come back and brush up on whatever you need. Each tip is in a separate video to make it easier if you need a refresher later…just click the one you need.

You don’t have a second to spare! Don’t waste another minute digging through your Inbox. Invest in this training because, unlike dieting or exercising, the results are immediate!

Check out the site, choose the training you can use immediately to make your life a little easier, and sign up today!


August 24th, 2014

If You Sell Something, Record a Video to Show Us How to Use It–My CaddyTek and Golf

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Peggy Duncan with her CaddyTek - one-click golf cartI signed up for golf lessons this summer, and am liking it so much, I invested in new clubs, club covers, a stand bag, new shoes and, of course, new outfits. But one thing I didn’t like was struggling with my golf bag when I went to practice on the driving range. I started researching and found a highly-rated, one-click folding 4-wheel golf push cart by CaddyTek.

    This thing is solid! Very well-built, and came with very detailed instructions on how to work with it.

    But I had a time trying to figure out how to open and close it.

    I went to my university, YouTube, looking for a how-to video, and found exactly what I needed. The video I’ve included in this post was recorded by the company that makes it. I had to laugh when I saw how easy everything was as compared to what I was doing with it.

    If you’re selling something, consider explaining how to use it with video. It does the work of a thousand photos and totally replaces that booklet. What are you selling or teaching that would be so much easier for us to learn with video?



    August 13th, 2014

    Weigh Your Luggage With This Scale Before You Travel

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    It’s so easy to pack beyond the 50-lb limit that airlines, trains, and buses limit you to. I’m a light packer and don’t usually worry about being over, but just in case, I ordered this portable luggage scale. I used it recently on a train trip, and this gadget matched exactly to Amtrak’s scales.

    I hooked the strap through the handle of my bag and lifted it. 33 lbs.

    This is an inexpensive item that will give you one less thing to worry about.


    August 11th, 2014

    My Adobe Reader Form Fields are Blank When Emailed. I Found a Free Solution in FoxIt Reader

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    I avoid printing paperwork, and I’d always used Adobe Acrobat to fill in PDF forms using the Typewriter command. I have an old version that worked perfectly, but something happened during a product update, and I lost the Typewriter command.

    Now I’m ticked, thinking that I’d have to buy a newer (and expensive) version. Went to the Adobe Website and bam! I had no idea that I could complete forms using the free Adobe Reader. I completed the form, saved it, and then opened it in my old version of Acrobat. I received an error message, and the form was blank. But when I opened it inside Reader, it appeared to be fine.

    Until I emailed it to the client. The form was blank.

    I researched a little on the Adobe site, and it appears that this is a common problem. My client had created an interactive form in a newer version of Acrobat than I had. The problem is apparently related to how they created the form.

    After reading through comments from people with the same problem, someone mentioned the free FoxIt Reader as an alternative. I downloaded it, and the first thing I noticed was its Typewriter command! I used it to complete the form. I emailed it to the client, and it’s all good.

    Signing the PDF

    I’d already scanned my actual signature and saved it as a graphic. I can use it with FoxIt almost the same way I do with Adobe Acrobat. Either on the Home tab, in the Protect group, choose Create Signature and upload it.

    Or on the Comments tab in the Stamps group, choose to create a Custom Stamp, and upload the signature graphic. If you go from the Home tab, you’ll have an opportunity to assign a password to be able to insert the signature.

    Download FoxIt here.


    June 2nd, 2014

    Time Management Expert Shows How to Organize Sales Receipts for Clothing

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    receipt organizerWhen it comes to returning items to the store, I want it as painless as possible. No digging through drawers or the trash looking for receipts for me! And I definitely don’t want to end up procrastinating about returning it because I can’t find the receipt.

    Here’s a system that I’ve used for years, and it’s simple enough to maintain. Take a few minutes upfront so you won’t have to waste time later. Since I’d rather get my money back than a store credit, I take those few minutes every time.

    1. Remove all tags from garment. I don’t want to strut out the door thinking I’m looking cute with a tag hanging somewhere so I remove everything when I’m reasonably “sure” I’ll keep it.
    2. Write a description of the garment and the purchase date on the tag. Write a description in your own words…something that would make perfect sense to you later when searching. (For example, I purchased a pair of beige strappy shoes when I was in Durham NC, and that’s exactly what I wrote on the tag.)
    3. Staple any tags together that you need to keep…per garment. Too many tags on a garment I just don’t get. I only keep the ones the store will probably want if the item is returned. I staple each set of tags in a different place they I know immediately which ones go together (because multiples items are listed on the receipt).
    4. Write matching identifiers on the main tag and the receipt. This is such a timesaver. I’ll write A” on the front tag and the corresponding “A” on the receipt for that particular garment.
    5. Write the date and receipt number on the receipt. The ink on store receipts fade eventually so this is my backup.
    6. Staple the tags to the front of the receipt. Keep everything together with the tags in the front. That’ll make it easier to find the right one faster.
    7. Store in a logical place and keep everything together. One organizing solution is a receipt pack. Since I have different things itemized per receipt, keeping them by quarter works for me (Jan-Mar, etc.). Or keep everything together in a drawer with the most recent purchases on top.

    That’s it. It’s always easy and quick when I decide to return something. Do you have a system you use? Hopefully, you’ll create one if you don’t.

    P.S. Yes, I’ve tried that scanning thing, and I procrastinated. Although I’m a technology lover, this manual method works better for me.



    April 11th, 2014

    Do You Ever Have Time to Do Nothing? Absolutely Nothing?

    No Comments, Personal Productivity, by Peggy Duncan.

    imageI had a face-to-face conversation with a woman the other day. Her entire demeanor spelled S-T-R-E-S-S. She started talking about all the things she was involved in (church, social clubs, etc.). Wore me out just listening to it.

    She has entirely too much on her plate, and it showed. Way too much volunteer work added on top of paid work. It was obvious that she never has time to stop long enough to think, reflect, or do nothing. This is not healthy living, and if she ever decides to change (or is forced to), the solution is quite simple.

    1. List all the things you HAVE to do (work, cook, etc).
    2. Next, list all the things you CHOOSE to do (e.g., volunteer work).
    3. Consider the most important person in your life – YOU—and ask yourself what can be eliminated.
    4. Take a deep breath, make some calls, send some emails, and do it!

    Don’t worry, they’ll either find someone else to do it or drop it because it wasn’t as important as you thought…not your concern because you need to focus on you right now.